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Hollie Cook - Sweet Like Chocolate 7"

Merge (2018)

I subscribed to the Merge Born Under A Good Sign, 30th anniversary subscription thing. The description of what would be in this subscription was somewhat vague, but I couldn't run the risk of a Superchunk release that I might miss out on. After all, I really can't fathom a Merge 30th celebration that didn't include something from Superchunk. I guess we'll have to wait and see what 2019 holds.

2018 brought the first surprise release from this subscription. I received a 7" from Hollie Cook. I don't know anything about Hollie Cook and have never heard of her prior to this 7". I can say that this isn't my bag at all and it'll likely just be filed away in the collection. The A side is "Sweet Like Chocolate." It's an unoffensive little slab of light, reggae tinged pop.

Hollie Cook - Sweet Like Chocolate 7":