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Custody - Blistered Soul 7"

Custody channels the song composition and hook building of peak mid-90's Samiam and combines it with ear shredding guitar dynamics that make us think of PopKid alumni Starmarket. The vocals are pitch perfect and while they share the same power and earnestness of a band like Iron Chic, the remarkable way they stay melodic and don't resort to shouting while conveying this intensity is something unique to Custody.

Mastered by Mass Giorgini @ Sonic Iguana.

Available in 3 colors of vinyl:
Solid Yellow (Limited to 101 Copies) - $6
Green/Blue Marble (Limited to 103 Copies) - $6
Reddish Magenta Marble (Limited to 103 Copies) - $6

We also have a few limited packs of all 3 colors for the collectors out there. You get 3 copies of the 7", one on each color of vinyl at a slightly discounted cost, plus you get a Custody Koozie (Kooztody?) if you order this pack. - $16.50

The 7" also comes with a download code, because if it didn't, shame on us.

You can also stream it and buy digitally from our Bandcamp page:

Available in North America from PopKid Records
Available in the UK from Different Kitchen Records
Available in the Netherlands from Shield Recordings
Available in Germany from Keep it a Secret Records
Available in Japan from Waterslide Records

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