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Chestnut Road - LPII - Vinyl LP

Chestnut Road's 2nd album is called Chestnut Road. Their first album was also called Chestnut Road. Like that first album, this 2nd LP is amazing.

Honing their craft in their home country of France, but drawing influence from bands around the world, Chestnut Road are playing the sort of raspy vocal singing, dynamic guitar shredding, melodic punk rock not seen since the glory days of bands like Leatherface, Broccoli, Hooton 3 Car and others.

LPII (as we're affectionately calling it), is a step up in songwriting for the band. The guitars are a bit more intricate, the vocals are slightly more nuanced, but when the situation calls for it; Chestnut Road can unleash a hook into a song better than most bands I can think of.

These guys have long been a favorite of ours here at PopKid headquarters. It's an honor to be involved in this record. Hell, it was good enough to bring us back to putting out new records after not releasing anything new for over 10 years.

Stream it here and pick up a copy. Your collection needs this!

Available in North America from PopKid Records
Available in Europe from Brassneck Records
Available in Japan from Snuffy Smiles Records

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