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Shoplifters Vinyl Extravaganza

Both Shoplifters Full Lengths & the Forgiver 7"! One low price. Tons of great music! Operators are standing! Buy!

Back after four years with their with their full throttle, melodic punk straight out of Novi Sad, Serbia is the country’s finest export: Shoplifters. Second Nature is the band’s third release on PopKid, following up on 2019’s excellent album, Secret Free World. Throughout Second Nature the band uncorks classic after classic, from the hook filled title track “Second Nature,” to the more angular and aggressive “Hungry Lions” to the Leatherface-esque guitar work on “Braced for Fall.” We couldn’t be happier that Shoplifters are back on PopKid. Second Nature will be taking over our stereos for the remainder of 2023 and we hope it takes over yours too. FFO: China Drum, Snuff Big Drill Car, Husker Du