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Shoplifters - Secret Free World - Vinyl LP

PKE024 - Released in 2019 - 317 Clear Ochre Vinyl

We couldn't be more excited to be releasing Shoplifters new full length album, Secret Free World. Picking up where they left off on 2017's Forgiver 7", Serbia's favorite sons return with 11 new songs of punchy, melodic punk rock. In the past we've compared Shoplifters to Snuff, China Drum, Bob Mould and Big Drill Car. On Secret Free World, they've continued to build off of these influences and have created something truly special.

You'll get the raucous Bob Mould style guitar, punctuated by bass lines that are just dripping with the sort of energy that Big Drill Car perfected during their run. China Drum style vocal melodies mix with Snuff's mastery of churning out a pop song. While you can compare individual pieces to other bands, the final result is a sound unique to Shoplifters.

In our humble opinion, Secret Free World is Shoplifters' masterpiece. They've built off of their past work, but have raised their game and developed their sound to be more complete and somehow even catchier than before.

Available in North America from PopKid Records
Available in the UK from Brassneck Records
Available in Japan from Waterslide Records
Available in the Netherlands from White Russian Records
Available in Spain from Bartolini Records

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