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PopKid Vacation Shirt

After twenty something years, we finally have a PopKid T shirt. They are on a soft tri blend shirt, 3 colors available.

We have a handful of PopKid shirts left over from the preorder. There are only a few colors and sizes available.

We also have a few that have problems from the printing. These have small holes where the screening thing met the shirt during the screening process. The holes aren't that big, but they are there. But if you want a cheapo shirt that is imperfect the same way PopKid is imperfect, this is the option for you. We're calling it "Battle Damaged."

We also have one shirt that's total trash. Multiple holes, lines from the press thing. But hey, it's super cheap and maybe you've got a crust punk thing going on or want to use it for a night shirt or cut out the image (the holes are not on the image itself) and sew it on to the back of a denim jacket. The possibilities are endless.

PopKid Records - Vacation T Shirt (Gray)

PopKid Records - Vacation T Shirt (Brown)

PopKid Records - Vacation T Shirt (Green)